Work Packages

TEPSIE explores the theoretical, empirical and policy foundations of social innovation in order to inform policy and practice at the European level. It will also highlight areas for further research. 

TEPSIE is comprised of eight research Work Packages, one on project management (WP 10) and another on dissemination (WP 9). Work Packages 8 and 9 are led by the Danish Technological Institute.

Work PackageTitleLead Institution
WP 1 Overview of the system of Social Innovation The Young Foundation
WP2 Measuring Social Innovation University of Heidelberg
WP3 Removing barriers to Social Innovation Universidade Católica Portuguesa
WP4 Generating Capital Flow University of Heidelberg
WP5 Engaging the Public The Young Foundation
WP6 Knowing what works Atlantis Consulting
WP7 Growing what works The Young Foundation
WP8 Using online networks to maximum effect Danish Technological Institute
WP9 Disseminations of findings and recommendations Danish Technological Institute
WP10 Project management and quality assurance Danish Technological Institute



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